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Youth Day

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A Day of Horses

Join us for the day and get hands on experience with horses.   This is great way to introduce your youth to horses in a safe environment.  Youth will gain confidence in themselves as they learn to handle and care for horses.   They will also get to take part in one of our may anti-bully program sessions and build on life skills that will say with them for life! 



summer riding camps for kids

Build Confidence in Youth

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Safety Around Horses - NO RIDING

horseback summer camps for kids

Give Youth Hands on Experience

Youth will be assigned a horse for the day that they will be responsible for.  The morning will consist of horsemanship, where youth will learn safety around horses and how to be a leader.  Youth will learn about Horse nutrition and we will provide lunch for the kids!  The afternoon we will wrap up the day with a session out of our Anti-bully program and a craft.  Before the children leave, they will have the opportunity to introduce their horse to their family!  

Youth Days will follow the same structure, however the anti-bully program and assigned horse will always change, making it a new experience every time the child joins us for a day!

Time: 10am-2pm

Cost:  $150



  • Assigned Horse for the Day

  • Craft

  • Anti-Bully Program

  • Horsemanship Lesson

  • Hands on with Horses in safe and controlled environment

  • Memories to last a lifetime

  • Approved treats may be brought for your pony (carrots, chopped apples)

  • Helmets will be required to be around the horses (available to borrow - no extra cost)

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