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Narcissist/Domestic Abuse

Support Group

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In my journey of living through years of abuse, I have come to find there really is no support groups around here for those who deal with domestic abuse, narcissist abuse to be particular.

We are changing that!


People should not have to struggle and feel alone in their journey. We already run programs to help people find themselves but sadly we can’t do them for free. What we can and are doing though, is offer a free support group where people can come, and heal, and learn in a safe non judgmental environment with others who understand the pain and struggles. Guest speakers will be brought in to help share info and provide resources that are available around Brandon/Manitoba to help them through their journey. We will meet once a month in the evening for a couple hours and organize some special outings where everyone can attend, have fun and try regain some form of normalcy to their life.

Do you feel this is a worthwhile project? Would it be something you’d attend or recommend to someone who is or you may feel is in an abuse relationship? Are you or someone you know in an abusive relationship?

Keep in mind this is strictly a support group, it is not therapy in anyway.

*for safety reasons please email us if you would like to attend. This is open to men and women who are victims of narcissist and/or domestic abuse. If you think a friend, family member, or co-worker could benefit we welcome you to bring them. Remember abuse isn’t just physical and it doesn’t just happen in relationships!

Watch For Meeting Dates for group get togethers were you are invited to meet each other in person and continue to build healthy friendships in the road to healing!
Meetings are Scheduled for the Last Wednesday of each month!



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Brandon Manitoba Narcissist/Domestic Abuse Support Group

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Upcoming Meetings

7:00pm - 9:00pm

2023 Schedule Coming Soon

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