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Finding Your Power With Horse Power

The Building Men Workshop With Horses will show you how you can take control of your relationship, career, health and more by working on yourself from within! By learning how to connect deeper with yourself through working with horses, this workshop is sure to help any man grow into his best self possible!

Men have a lot of problems these days, and most men don't even realize it. Men are struggling with their relationships, they're struggling with their work life balance. They're not living the lives that they want to be living.


It's easy for men to get stuck in a rut - especially when you've been going down the same path for years! This workshop is designed to help men break out of those ruts and start taking control over your own life again! 

Horses don't judge.

Men have been labeled and judged for a long time, our teachers (the horses) can’t judge, cant lie and will always teach participants about themselves.


By giving clients who have addictions an opportunity to learn and grow within their mind, body and soul.  Enabling them to find new ways of living in pride for themselves, new skills, new abilities to learn and personal empowerment.


Our programs touch on human centeredness, the mind/body connection and being aware of the energy we are giving and receiving in relationships.


Enabling people to face their consequences for choices while at the same time seeking personal growth for a better future by building on relationships and helping with depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger management, communication, self esteem, leadership, teamwork, empathy etc. by developing essential life skills.


We disagree with the stigma "Big Boys Don't Cry", men are human and should be able to bin touch with the emotions without living in fear of being judged or ridiculed.  Men are faced with many challenges in life and suffer with the mental health in silence.  Suffer no more!!  We are here to help find your personal power and provide you with the tools to live the life you deserve!  Through our programs more senses are engaged increasing probability they will learn, retain and apply what is taught.  There is always hope!


Our men’s workshop is a hands-on approach designed for optimal experiential learning. Horses live only in the present, which presents constant teachable moments, to give you guaranteed results almost instantly. You will learn powerful fulfilling skills to assist you on your own life’s journey.  

Horses will help to find your inner leader by pushing you outside of your comfort zone! Not only do they need a leader in their herds, but they need a confident leader in the arena as well.

The Building Men Workshop is a series of 3 full days spread out over 6 weeks.  Men will arrive at the Ranch for 9am and be greeted with coffee and donuts/muffins.  A country style lunch, and afternoon munchies, will be provided and the day will wrap up at 4pm.  In two weeks time, they will resume with their second full day session and return two weeks later for their final full day!  


Workshop Includes:

  • Your personal Owners Manual

  • 3 programs with objectives to find your authentic self

  • MiRo communication assessment - to help understand your style of communication and the people in your life

  • Country lunch, snacks and drinks to keep you fueled

  • A life changing workshop

  • And so much more!


After your full day, book a trail ride and unwind while exploring what nature offers

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