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1 day workshop

What does the Trailblazer Woman look like?

She looks a lot like you!  She is the woman inside with aspirations and passions.  She craves a fresh path, a unique direction; a chance to reach her dreams.  She is growing confidence in her abilities.  She welcomes personal reflection and the joy of the journey.  Each steps take her further along her new found trail.  She breathes in fresh air and the lush natural world, calming and cleansing her busy mind.  She focuses on the road ahead and when she pauses to look back, she smiles at the great distance she has travelled.  She is beautiful, natural, free and renewed.

Discover your inner Trailblazer!

Join us for Trailblazer on Fire, a three part workshop series where you will bond with our horses, and in guiding them, you'll discover new ways to your goals.



  • A practical plan for moving forward on your life's plans

  • A field notebook - a blank journal for you to fill

  • A field map - to map your new territory; plus embellishments to create your unique map

  • Lunch during the full day workshops and snacks during the "Introduction: Meet the 1200lb teacher: your horse" session

  • Bookmarks of teachers

  • Create your trailblazing map for your life

  • Food for thought - creative ideas to take home

  • Certificate of "Personal Skills Development" when you've completed all three sessions

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