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This isn’t your typical skills development program! We are not Therapists or Councilors. What we are is Certified EAL Facilitators who have a passion for horses and helping people. This BuildingBlock™ Program has been researched and guarantees long-lasting change. We offer a fun filled program, which is full of interaction with horses, where we help our participants to develop their life skills, build their confidence in life in a safe controlled environment.  


Horses are used as a powerful teaching tool in a safe, non-threatening environment. We engage in team-focused exercises that will open doors to a new way of seeing yourself. We use horses because their intuitive nature and extreme sensitivity provides our Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators with a window into the personality and leadership style of participants. Our horses do the teaching, and our facilitators help to interpret our horses’ non-verbal communication, using it to guide you toward self-discovery and positive life altering changes, to then apply the lessons learned back to real-life situations. All of our programs are designed to develop leadership and life skills for a variety of needs and applications, and bring out the best in men and women of any age, skill level or profession!

This unique program helps develop life skills necessary to deal with difficult and negative social issues like peer pressure, bullying, or abusive environments. We focus on positive communication, problem solving and conflict resolution to find creative alternatives to negative influences or behaviors on the way to positive change. This is your own journey, step outside the box, take a leap of faith and take away all you can from this experience.

Equine Assisted Learning has provided hope and healing to adults in a variety of challenging circumstances including substance abuse, behavioral issues, eating disorders, abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, team building and relationship skills just to name a few. In the duration of each session we will complete a total of 12 EAL programs which focus on different objectives that will develop participant’s life skills. Participants will be presented with a certificate upon completion of the program.

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