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Quiet Country Horse Trail Rides

Need a change of scenery? Want to get out for ride but don’t want the hassle of caring for, catching and saddling your own horse? Let us do the work for you! We have a great group of horses that look forward to hitting the trail and providing you with a fun, peaceful get away.  Tour the valley, see the buffalo, explore the area.


All riders must complete an acknowledgment of risk and release of liability document. Also, riders under18 years of age must have their legal parents or guardians fill out an acknowledgement of risk and release of liability document prior to riding.



Any abuse or mistreatment of horses will result in dismounting the horse where you stand, being removed from property with no refund, and charges being laid. There is a zero tolerance of mistreatment of any kind!


  1. All riders are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to trail ride in order to finalize paperwork, meet your horse and get prepared for ride.

  2. All riders will go through a 15 minute riding lesson to familiarize yourself with your horse. Depending on party size please allow for extra time to compensate for riding lesson.  

  3. Absolutely NO running of horses. This is to ensure the safety of everyone on the trail.  

  4. Helmets are mandatory for children 16 and under. Helmets are highly recommended to be used by all riders of all ages.

  5. Ride in single file and stay with the group. If at any time the group is moving at a faster pace than you're comfortable with, advise the trail boss.

  6. Horses are to remain at a walk when leaving and returning to the barn.

  7. Always walk horse through trees, and down hill.

  8. Never trade horses with other riders. Horse is selected specifically for each rider.

  9. Reins are not to be wrapped your hands, body, saddle horn or used to tie horse.

  10. Watch the ground and don’t let your horse walk over wire or any holes.

  11. Hold onto horse when you dismount.

  12. NO Drinking Alcohol or Smoking on the trail. Anyone under influence of Drugs and/or Alcohol will not be permitted to ride. Designated stops will be provided for smoking. Dismount and be sure that cigarette butt is put out.

  13. Stay on trails and avoid hazards.

  14. Minimum of two guests required for trail rides.

  15. No dogs allowed.  

  16. Proper foot wear is advised. Shoes with a heel, rubber boots or cowboy boots. Runners are allowed but not advised. Wear appropriate clothing.  Long pants and shirt with sleeves.

  17. Trail boss has authority to enforce all rules.

  18. Respect all private and public property. Do not damage crops, remain in single file and follow the path.

  19. Respect the rights of other trail users.

  20. No littering! Leave only hoof prints behind. Take out what you take in.

  21. Avoid showing off! Do not put others in danger, a running/scared horse can trigger other horses to follow suit.

  22. Have control of your horse at all times. If necessary dismount and lead your horse or wait for trail boss to assist you. NEVER yank on reins or kick/hit horse. At any time you experience issues with your horse ask for trail bosses assistance!

  23. Ensure all gates are closed behind you.

  24. Children under 16 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

  25. Do not pass Trail boss.

  26. Don’t let branches snap back and hit other riders. Lift them over your head. Wait for rider in front of you to go through area to avoid any mishaps.

  27. Inform Trail boss if you do not feel comfortable at any time with any obstacle, pace or horse.

  28. When riding on road remain on right hand side and as far off road as possible. Pay attention to your surroundings. Remain in single file.

  29. When crossing road only do so when clear of all traffic. Cross quickly at a walk and directly across to the next shoulder.



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