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Rehome Your Beloved Jack-o'-Lantern

Every year thousands of Jack-o-lanterns are tossed to the curb, left to wither away and decompose and never be heard from again!


You can help stop this madness!


Show your Jack-o-lantern you really do care! Bring your pumpkins to Lucky Break Ranch to meet some new four legged friends that would LOVE them!


As you say good bye to your jack-o-lantern you can say hello to our amazing team of horses! (And other critters)

Contact us to set up a time and day to bring your sweet pumpkin to visit!

Pumpkins are accepted from Nov 1 to Nov 7 each year!  

Happy Halloween

How It Works

Drop Off: your gently used jack-o'-lantern at Lucky Break Ranch during our designated drop-off hours. Whether it's a classic carved pumpkin or a creatively decorated masterpiece, we'll gladly accept it with open arms.

Halloween Lights

Feed the Animals: Once collected, your jack-o'-lantern will be repurposed as a tasty treat for our hungry farm animals. From curious goats to playful pigs, our furry friends will enjoy nibbling on the pumpkin's nutritious flesh, providing them with a fun and enriching snack.

Support a Good Cause: By participating in our Jack-o'-Lantern Drop Off event, you're not only reducing waste but also supporting the care and well-being of the animals at Lucky Break Ranch. It's a win-win for both you and our furry residents!


Spread Halloween Cheer: Embrace the spirit of giving and share the joy of Halloween beyond October 31st. Your donated jack-o'-lantern will bring smiles to the faces of both visitors and animals alike, creating a festive atmosphere that lasts long after the holiday has passed.

Join Us for a Spooktacular Celebration!

Make this Halloween season one to remember by participating in our Jack-o'-Lantern Drop Off event. Together, we can turn your festive decorations into a treat for our furry friends while also supporting the mission of Lucky Break Ranch. Thank you for your generosity and Halloween spirit!


Drop-Off Details:

Call/Text 306-322-7710 to arrange day and time


Date: November 1st to November 7th


Location: Lucky Break Ranch 123117 Mayne Rd Rivers, MB


Acceptable Items: Carved or decorated  pumpkins/squash in good condition 


Note: Please remove any candles, lights, or other non-biodegradable materials from your jack-o'-lantern before dropping it off.

Help Us Rehome Your Jack-o'-Lantern and Feed Our Furry Friends!

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