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OCTOBER 24-27, 2024

Youth Handouts

Do You Have What It Takes To Get Through The Forest

Pull up your big kid britches, and bring a few extra changes!  


Do you have what it takes to get through a haunted forest in the middle of nowhere where the moonlight is your street lights, and the howling of coyotes and wolves is the real deal, and the glowing eyes that move through the trees are those of the night creatures?


Join us at Lucky Break Ranch, just off Hwy 250 outside the community of Rivers, MB, at the end of October for the fright of your life! 


No scare hours from 4:30pm-7:30pm each day 

Scare hours 7:30pm-10:00pm each day


There will be family activities, kids carnival games, concession to grab some food, or a hot drink to warm up and so much more!

  • It all started in September 2022 with the heartbreaking news of Grim Acres shutting down that some Halloween loving sisters started talking about how cool it would be to open up a haunted forest.  Those sisters took something from their imaginations and turned it into reality!

  • The vision - bring the community together to raise money for  Canadian Cancer Society, Manitoba in order to help so many people who are touched by cancer in one way or another, and to keep the spirit of Grim Acres alive in the Westman community!

  • Knowing there was only a few short weeks to Halloween the sisters took their vision to Rivers and District Chamber of Commerce in order to get the whole community involved and excited for a unique event! 

  • The community came together and the Haunted Forest came to life and put together an event that still has people talking today!

  • None of which could have been possible without our fabulous communities involvement and all the amazing volunteers that help make it happen and of course our sponsors who we are forever grateful for!!  

  • The Haunted Forest is a fright to see for all ages!

  • Each year the forest will raise money for the Manitoba Cancer Society and a local organization which will be chosen each year in order to give back to the community!

  • Each year more and more props will be added to the forest, and each year the path will expand a little longer to add to the entertainment and scare factor!

  • Stay tuned for all the exciting things the forest has to offer!!

Image by Jakub Kriz


Fill the Coffin to Win!!!!


This year we have the goal of raising $5000.00 for Manitoba Cancer Society to honor the memory of Grim Acres and keep their spirit alive!  

We also want to raise $1000.00 for Riverdale Harvest Food Bank and fill the Hearse coffin with much needed items to help restock the shelves of the food bank!   

When you bring items for the Food Bank you have the chance to win!!!!  You will receive a ticket for every item you bring and will be entered into a draw!  There is no limit of items that you can donate, the more you donate the better odds you have to win!  

foodbank poster.jpg


Carnival Games 

Pumpkin Carving 

50/50 Draw 

Face Painting

Outdoor Movie

Family Game Area


Concession Stand

1.2km Forest Trail 

Volunteer Appreciation Draw

Photo Booth

Bouncy Castle

and so much more!!!!

creepy clown.jpg


What does admission include?

Admission includes the forest trail, outdoor movie, face

painting, and free family games area.  For a small fee you can

purchase carnival tickets, carving pumpkin, 50/50 tickets,

concession items and photographer photos!

Is it wheel chair accessible?

The haunted forest is located in the pasture and the forest

trail is a wide packed down trail from the horses.  If your chair

or stroller can maneuver over grass you should be good

getting through forest, however it may be a bit bumpy!

What time does the movie start, and what movie

is playing?

Movie will start at dusk.  To see what movie will be playing for the evening you can go onto the Haunted Forest presented by Lucky Break Ranch Facebook page where we will post any updates and information as the event takes place. 

How long does it take to walk through the forest?

The path is approximately 1.2km long, it depends on how fast you run from the spooks and goblins or how long you take checking out the different stations.  You can go through the forest as many times as your legs will take you!

What if I don't want to be scared?

If you do not want to be scared come during no scare hours 4:30-7:00pm.  Or during scare hours visit the ticket booth and ask to borrow a glow stick that you can pack with you to notify scare actors not to scare you.

How do I volunteer?

We can't run the forest without the help of volunteers!  If you would like to help in the forest as a carnival worker, scare actor or any other open positions please reach out we would love to have you join us!  Call or text 306-322-7710 or 306-670-1032

I want to volunteer but I don't have any costumes?

No problem!  Volunteers are welcome to bring their own costumes or we have a wide variety of costumes to fit all sizes! 

Do you have food and snacks?

Yes!  We have a concession on site that offers a variety of items from chips, FRESH popcorn, pop, to chili, hotdogs, chilidogs, fries, coffee, tea, hot chocolate to name a few!

Do you accept debit/credit card/cash?

Cash is preferred.  However we will have a square machine on site for those who forget or didn't quite bring enough cash! 

Do you have wheel chair accessibility toilet?

Unfortunately at this time we only have basic porta potties.  This is something we are hoping in the future with thanks to our sponsors will be able to help resolve!  

Can I touch the props or staff?

NO!  Touching props and/or staff will result in being removed from the forest.  We have a zero tolerance of actors touching you and we will not tolerate anyone touching our actors.  It has taken a lot of work putting the props and forest together for the public to enjoy so thank you for understanding.

What are the age requirements?

This is an event for all ages!  We have something for everyone!  If you don't want to stroll through the Haunted Forest we have the carnival, movie and family games and pumpkin carving to enjoy!

Do you provide handicap parking, and is everything wheelchair accessible?

Parking is in the pasture with the Haunted Forest and other activities.  The ground is hard packed, but can have the odd golfer hole or bump so please keep this in mind and watch where you are going. 

Is alcohol allowed or for sale?

No drugs or alcohol are permitted.  If you are under the influence the police will be called and/or you will be asked to leave. This is a family event and we want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe time. 

Can I bring my pets?

Please leave your pets at home.  If you must bring your pets we ask you leave them in your vehicle.   

Do you provide birthday parties or special events?

Anything is possible, if this is something your interested in let us know and we can let you know what we have available for times.

What are your hours?

The forest will open from 4:30-10:00

No scare hours are 4:30-7:30

Scare hours are 7:30-10:00

What is your location?

We are 12km south of Rivers and 20 minutes west of Brandon on Hwy 250.  On google maps type Lucky Break Ranch Rivers MB and it will bring you to the driveway.

What if it rains or snows?

It is that time of year!  Dress accordingly and don't forget to stop in at the concession and get a hot drink or chili to warm your bones!

Can I take pictures and videos inside the forest?

We ask that there are no cameras or videos or other form of photography in the forest in order to preserve the integrity of the haunt and surprise factor of new guests. 

Is there a fee to enter the forest?

Adults $8

Youth $5

Family $20

How much of the donations and admission fees go

towards Cancer society?

100% of donations in the Cancer box will go to the cancer society. 

100% of all food donations will go to to Riverdale Harvest Food


40% of proceeds will go to Cancer Society, 10% of proceeds to

Riverdale Harvest Food Bank.  The  remaining 50% will be put back

into the forest for next year.

How scared can I expect to be?

It is a haunted forest so expect to get scared! The coyotes and

wolves howling are real, the glowing eyes in the trees are real! 

All visitors assume all risk in entering the property.  

I love what you are doing, how can I help spread the


Share, share, share!  Tell your family, friends and co-workers! 

The more folks we get through the forest the more money we make

to give to charity!  


If you have a question and don't see it on the list feel free to contact us so we can answer you!  The only

dumb question is the questions not asked!!

We look forward to seeing you this year at the Haunted Forest!




Spooky Forest
Swooping Bat
Graveyard Crow


Burns Maendel

Century 21 Westman

Great Canadian Superstore

Westman Communications

Manitoba Hydro

Tempo Place Emporium

True North Sports

Winnipeg Jets

Wheat Kings

Heritage Coop 1997

Rivers Heritage Coop

Brandon Bouncy Castles and Inflatables

Just Call Joe Inspections

Innovative ALS

Anonymous Popcorn Sponsor

YR Forms Plus

Dave and Donna Falkevitch

P2 Ranch

Mystic Acres

Lucky Break Ranch

Margo's Grill

stay tuned as the list grows!


Royal Canadian Legion #75 - Rivers 

H2S Construction

Real Canadian Super Store

Pik-a-Dilly RV Centre

Walkers Greenhouse

RW Baits

Veitch Ag Corp

CB Aspire Salon

Gill Farms

Fountain Tire

Lucky Break Ranch

Home Hardware - Rivers

Super Thrifty - Rivers

Brent Bailey

Westoba - Rivers

Rivers and District Chamber of Commerce

P2 Ranch

M&M Drilling

YR Forms Plus

Dave and Donna Falkevitch

Mystic Acres

Wags to Whiskers

Heritage Coop - Rivers

Tempo Place Emporium

Kuipers Bakery


Mark and Dianne Kolesar

Game and Fish - Rivers

Grim's Acres

Gian Tiger

Cory Jannssens

Mororzata and Peter Wejda

Fast Park

David and Yvonne Richardson

Brandon Sun

All the volunteers that came out to help with Kids Carnival, Scare Actors, Set Up and Take Down and Word of Mouth

If you supported the forest and we missed mentioning you please accept our sincere apologies and contact us asap so we can add you to our list of sponsors and make sure you have a tombstone in the graveyard!

The forest could not have been a success without everyone's support!  We look forward to bringing the community together again in 2023 to make the forest bigger and better!!


The Haunted Forest can not be possible each year with out sponsorship!  All sponsors will be honored onsite in the haunted forest cemetery based on this year's donation tiers, as well as recognized on social media and with any advertising and mentions!


We also ask all sponsors to please provide us with the name they would like displayed in the cemetery, copy of link to their website and/or facebook page, as well as copy of their logo.  



Cemetery Board of Unmarked Graves - $10-$100

Cross -

$101-$250 sponsorship

Tombstone -

$251-$500 sponsorship

Family Stone -

$501-$999 sponsorship

Crypt -

$1000+ sponsorship


We are looking for eager and energetic volunteers that have a love of Halloween and being a part of something big to continue to make the Haunted Forest great! 

- Haunted Forest Committee Member

- Sponsorship Coordinator

- Props designers/creators

- Station designers/creators

- Set up and Take Down crew members

- Scare actors

- Carnival Workers

- Security

- Concession Workers

- Ticket Booth Workers

- Parking Attendants

To become a part of our Haunted Forest Family reach out today 

Call or Text 


or 306-670-1032


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