Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator; Certified Horsemanship Association Riding Instructor; & Owner of Lucky Break Ranch

Kim's whole life has revolved around her love and compassion towards horses and animals. From the time she learned to talk she would bug her parents until they finally gave in and got Kim her own horse to love, care for and ride. The day they brought Pepper home, Kim and that mare were inseparable!   


Throughout her life Kim's addiction of horses only grew more. It was stage she would never outgrow, she was a cowgirl inside and out! Her family and friends would no longer be shocked to hear another horse had joined her family or a new bottle baby farm animal would arrive at the ranch (and on occasion in the house).  No one was shocked to hear she was uprooting from Alberta with her horses and heading to Saskatchewan to build her dream house and finally have

her funny farm ranch. And a funny farm it was! She had every farm animal under the sun and she raised the majority from bottle babies being sure each and everyone of her furry (and feathered) critters knew they were loved! She opened her gates to the public inviting people to come to the ranch and interact with her animals at the petting zoo and have the opportunity to get up close and experience the same joy she has for her animals. Along with the petting zoo she would offer trail rides, pony rides and riding lessons.  


As life often does, changes were happening in Kim's life. Her love of the ranch and the animals never changed but she found another love and her dreams took a bit of a turn,  and once again she  headed East landing herself in Manitoba were she could not only pursue her dreams of working with horses but they could continue to grow her business, and reach out to help more people to find their authentic selves. 


With the continued support of her family and friends, Kim continued to further her education. She became certified with CHA as a riding instructor and also became a certified EAL facilitator.  


Kim has always worn her heart on her sleeve. She is a compassionate woman who wants to reach out and help others. As her two children were growing up she played a major role with volunteering with their extra curricular activities. Many years she was found at the hockey rink either as a manager/coach and/or board member for the association. For just as many years she'd be balancing her volunteering with scouts Canada as a mentor/leader for the youth and a board member to keep the program running in the community. Kim's passion to reach out and help youth, youth at risk, and youth with disabilities was just one reason she took the EAL certification. She also wants to reach out to fellow women/men who have also suffered from abusive backgrounds/relationships. Through EAL she is excited to show them how her horses can not only give them life skills to move forward but also build their own confidence and begin a new journey in their life. As a self employed business women, Kim also understands the importance of good strong leadership and team work. She looks forward to assisting other companies to find success and harmony in the workplace


Although Kim lives, breathes and works for her company giving riding lessons, trail rides, horsemanship and EAL sessions she does have other hobbies! Usually she is found hanging out with her horses teaching them tricks or breaking/training a young horse, but she also loves barrel racing, attending various clinics with her horses to better herself as a horseman and tending to her furry family... And yes if you ask her about her pets she will correct you and tell you they are not pets they are family!


With all her dreams and goals in life, Kim is very fortunate to not just have Mel with "Journey of Dreams" as a best friend that shares the same interests and goals but a life partner to team up with, and together over the many miles between them, work together and use EAL & our other programs to help change lives.  


Steve and Walter have won the hearts of many!  These two goofy llamas are the first to meet you at the fence and have no problem getting in your face for a kiss!  Their antics always brings smiles to our clients!   Don't let these fuzzy faces fool you though - Steve will find his way out of the pen and greet you in the yard or go for a small jaunt and follow you home! No - Steve and Walter do not spit at you, they are more concerned about getting kisses on the nose.




10 Years Old

Draft Gelding

Bubba is our big friendly giant that joined our herd this fall.  Bubba is blessing to us and we are so grateful to the family that donated him to our EAL program!  His life was not an easy one, it is by pure luck and the love of his past family that he did not end up in the meat plant.  We are happy to say Bubba is loved and will spend the rest of his days here at the Ranch were he can share his story and help clients over come obstacles in their life.


3 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Willie came to us as a yearling with the goal of being a roping horse when he matures. He has always had a sweet personality but he hasn't always been so quiet and in your pocket. As Willie has grown we have seen his laid back personality take over. As he waits to start his training for roping, Willie will join the EAL team where he not only gets to be the teacher but he also gets to learn from his students!

TRIGGER  -  Adopted by Tosh 

7 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Trigger is a goofy horse with a show boat personality. He has been trained to do a number of tricks and loves to show off his talent. Like people, Trigger has some trust issues. A couple years ago he almost lost his vision, but thankfully with surgery and lots of medical attention we were able to partially save his eye. He will forever have an extra blind spot so good leadership and trust are very important to him. Trigger is a very special horse that holds a very special place in our hearts. He doesn't get used in lessons as he has a tendency to buck so the only person to ride him is Kim. Being Kim's baby, Trigger is used for anything and everything and the bond they have is magical. Trigger does make the odd appearance with certain EAL programs and when he does come out he tends to steal the show...


12 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Jet is a big friendly moose of a horse. He is always looking for attention and can't get enough scratches. He came into our lives at a time of disaster. No sooner did we get him unloaded from the trailer to welcome him to his new home, we had to reload him again and evacuate due to the Slave Lake fire. Jet is an amazing horse and holds a very special place in our hearts. He came into our lives as a beginner horse for a special girl and eventually became our "go-to" horse for barrel racing. Jet has come up with some lameness issues and has now been retired from his days of rodeo. He is now happily retired and gets to spend the rest of his days touching other people's lives through EAL and frolicking in the pasture with his herd.

Wichita  - Adopted by Erika

17 Years Old

Pony of America Gelding

Wichita is small but mighty! He has a huge heart and a bad habit of backing his butt upto you to get scratches just above the stub of his "tail". This sweet guy was hand chosen by a special boy who had a fear of horses. Wichita has proven himself a million times over to be the perfect babysitter for young children. As a young foal Wichita got into a wreck with a fifth wheel hitch leaving him scarred and beat up pretty bad. He has recover from it but has got arthritis now and gets quite stuff in the leg. Wichita was a stud horse for the most part of his life and one of his offspring has had a role in the hit series Heartland! Currently Wichita is used in riding lessons for younger timid children, but his main job is being a teacher for EAL where his personality shines!


8 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Gus has always been the skeptical horse. He needs clear communication and strong leadership in order to move forward. He is a gentle boy but has issues being tied and left alone. Gus came to the ranch as a boarder over 5 years ago and managed to weasel his way into our hearts. When his owner was talking about selling him we knew we just had to keep him! Currently Gus is a lesson horse and a back up horse for barrel racing. He is also a valuable member of our EAL team. He does have a bit of a stubborn streak and can be a pain in the backside to catch when out in pasture with his herd, but once you have his attention and focus he is putty in your hands.

CASH  - Adopted by Emily

9 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Cash first came to the ranch as a boarder. In his stay with us he won our hearts with his big dopey puppy dog personality. When his owner made the tuff decision to sell him, we just knew we had to buy him as his departure from the ranch would break our hearts. Cash currently is used for barrel racing, riding lessons and is also an amazing team member in EAL. He is a gentle giant that has no problems sticking his nose in your pocket or licking your cheek to get your attention.


6 Years Old

Quarter Horse Mare

Ever hear the song "Should have named her Whiskey"? That is this girl to the "T"! Whiskey and her young colt joined our herd as a rescue from meat slaughter. Until joining us at the ranch she had never been touched or handled. With lots of patience she is coming around and learning to trust people. Whiskey is in training for EAL and will eventually join the team but we still have a few speed bumps to work on and with her past history we do not want to rush the process.


3 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Shot Gun is our blessing in disguise. He was rescued from meat slaughter with his mom Whiskey when he was just 3 months old. He never had anything to do with people and was a scared baby! Through lots of patience Shot Guns curiosity got the better of him and he became the boy that would run to the gate when he seen anyone coming. He is very gentle, smart and loves to learn. He has picked up on a few tricks and as he matures he will be trained to barrel race. For now Shot Gun has proved at his young age that he has what it takes to be an EAL teacher so as he continues to grow we will bring him out to the arena so he can spread joy to our EAL clients.


5 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

This big brute is the equivalent of an over grown lap dog. We can decide if he doesn't know what "personal space" is, or if he just doesn't care! He is an "in-your-face" horse looking for attention and heaven forbid you give attention to another horse in his presence! He will put himself between you and the other horse just to hog the attention! Bullet is in training for barrel racing but on his days off he makes his presence known in EAL programs.


4 Years Old

Miniature Pony Stud

This little guy is the smallest of the herd but he packs a big personality!   Firecracker arrived at our Ranch this summer in the backseat of a car!  Yup, that's right - he was hanging out in the back seat when he arrived here.   Firecracker has won the hearts of many of our youth, his sweet disposition and darn right adorableness makes up for his small size! 


11 Years Old

Canadian Mare

Josie came to us a couple years ago and packed quite a surprise with her! Turned out she was in foal! Sadly her foal did not survive due to medical condition she has. Josie had a tuff time after losing her foal but eventually she ended up taking a couple young fillies under her wing and has been their mother figure! Being a pure bred Canadian, Josie is a true gem as the Canadian breed is almost extinct. Due to some teeth issues she has, Josie is only used occasionally for riding lessons. We love using Josie in EAL programs as her mother figure personality shines in her!

PRINCESS  - Adopted by Summer

2 Years Old

Quarter Horse Mare

This young girl is the quietest most trusting little filly we have ever seen! She is well in her way to becoming an EAL team member and we look forward to the day Princess joins us in the arena!


10 Years Old

Paint Mare

Jollie is a flashy girl with a laid back personality. She is first to the gate to greet you and if you don't latch the gate she is also the one that will go for the nice green grass on the other side! Jollie came to the ranch a couple years ago from a farmer who no longer had a use for her. We don't have a lot of information about her past, but we do know she will have a bright and happy future with us at the ranch. She has been a great addition to the EAL team as well as a great lesson horse bring smiles and confidence to everyone she meets!


10 Years Old

Paint Mare

Chevy's unique eyes make her stand out in a crowd! Chevy came to the ranch from a farmer who no longer had time for her. In her past history of being passed around from owner to owner and past abuse she comes with some personality scars. Chevy has come around and teaches us at the ranch everyday to never give up and always believe in the hope of a brighter future. She does enjoying being fussed over but still has issues with people lifting her feet. Chevy past makes her a horse that some clients can relate too so for the time being she will be used in EAL programs where her feet can remain grounded! In the future we hope to have her as a full time teacher as she has so much to offer!


9 Years Old

Miniature Pony Geldings

Don't let their little size fool you, these little guys have very big personalities and huge hearts to match. Joey and Tallahassee have been used for riding lessons with small children and they have a few "tricks" up their sleeve! The ponies have been a great addition to the EAL team. When clients are too afraid of the big horses we bring out the little guys to help work on these fears.


7 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Sonny is a ray of sunshine here at the ranch. He is a quiet boy and will follow you around like a puppy dog wanting to please you! Due to Ringbone Sonny is only used for light riding with beginner children lessons. To keep this sweet boy from getting bored, we gave him a job with EAL and he continues to impress us with his personality! He is an amazing teacher!


9 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Shadow .... What can we say about Shadow! This turkey of a horse can be a real "treat" to catch! And by "treat" we mean you almost always need a treat in order to catch him from pasture! Don't let his shenanigans fool you though! Once you have chased Shadow all over the field, and he decides it's ok to catch him and halter him, he really does live upto his name and becomes your shadow. He is a very sweet boy but he does require a confident leader and a gentle hand. Shadow is a member of our EAL team and will be a lesson in the near future.


7 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Don't let the size of this boy fool you! This big boy is putty in your hands once you've proved yourself to him as a good leader. Gibson has only been with us a few months here at the ranch and is currently being assessed as a lesson horse. In the meantime his quiet gentle nature will win over the hearts of our EAL participants.


7 Years Old

Quarter Horse Mare

Lily is a sweet, puppy dog of a girl.   She loves to be scratched on her ears and will let you know that she is not done yet.   Lily was donated to our program by a gentleman that was moving away.  He wanted a safe loving place for his girls where they wouldn't be forgotten about and they could have a job helping people find their place in life as well.


7 Years Old

Quarter Horse Mare

Luna is Lilys sister.  She is very laid back and wants to learn.  She is not only and upcoming Rockstar for EAL, but she is also going to be a great addition to our riding programs!  Luna was also donated to us to live out her life here and help change peoples lives. 


9 Years Old

Miniature Pony Gelding

Don't let his little size fool you, these little guys have very big personalities and huge hearts to match. Rocket is strictly a pasture pony. Due to founder he is unable to be ridden, however he is a great EAL teacher! The ponies have been a great addition to the EAL team. When clients are too afraid of the big horses we bring out the little guys to help work on these fears.


1 Year Old 

Quarter Horse Filly

Kahlua has won our hearts at the ranch with her sweet disposition. She has a big heart and isn't afraid to use her big brown eyes to win you over and get loads of pats, scratches and kisses. Kahlua will make occasional appearances at EAL programs as she matures and with training she will join our lesson horses and possibly one day become our next barrel racer. You couldn't ask for a sweeter little girl! She is smart as a whip and likes to show off how well she can lay down.


2 Years Old

Quarter Horse Filly

This sweet young lady just arrived here at the ranch. She loves attention and will follow you around like a little puppy dog. Malibu was the first horse to arrive at the ranch and not even bat an eye at the llamas! She has made good friends with the donkeys and has managed to worm her way into the herd with little fuss. We look forward to having her join us with EAL and with her sweet attitude we are certain she will be joining us in riding lessons as well as she gets older.  


2 Years Old

Miniature Pony Stud

Nerd was a pleasant surprise one spring morning!   He was born here at the Ranch and makes appearances during programs so he can learn the ropes of becoming the next best EAL pony!  Nerd has goofy personality, his curiosity tends to get him into trouble but like all youth, patience and understanding will help mold young Nerd into a stellar member of our equine community. 


11/8/10/3/3/3 Years Old

Miniature Donkeys

Are donkeys really stubborn, or are they just really smart and require a good leader? Meet six of the sweetest little donkeys! We started out getting Cowboy, Maverick and Sully a couple years ago as additions to the petting zoo part of the ranch. Over time, we welcomed Ice Cream and Tina to the group to have a happy retirement home. Jimmy was a bonus to the ranch when we went to pick up a bottle calf and the mini pony Joey. The mini donkeys do require a patient, confident leader and they make our EAL clients know it! They aren't all work though, if you tend to forget about them they will remind you of their presence by rubbing their head or their butt on your legs!


5 Years Old

Miniature Pony

This little girl is our project that arrived just recently. She has no desire to be around people. She is very stand offish and timid. We know with time and patience she will come around. One day we are certain that she will make an appearance with our EAL team. For now she just gets to be a wild pony and take care of her future baby.


12 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Dakota is our "shy" kid on the block.   He tends to stand back and take note of what is going on and will carefully evaluate the situation.   He loves to cuddled and smothered in attention once he knows he can trust you.  Dakota is one of our new members on the EAL team and will be joining our camp youth this year as a lesson horse as well!   



17 Years Old

Quarter Horse Gelding

Opie has been there and done that and has the awards, winnings and credentials to prove it! Opie is retired from the cutting world and has joined us at the ranch to enjoy a peaceful retirement. He is a gentle boy who is a pleasure to be around. He is very willing and his big brown eyes melt your heart when he looks at you. Due to a slight lameness issue Opie is only used on light trail rides for excersize and is a valuable member of our EAL team. Because of a medical issues Opie only joins the EAL team when the mares are on their days off.


26 Years Old

Morgan Gelding

Tucker is our old man who came to us a couple years ago to have a happy forever retirement home. He has a huge heart and very kind personality. He loves being around people and just has a quiet laid back aura about him. Hanging out with Tucker is like spending time with grandpa! Currently Tucker joins us occasionally with the odd riding lesson, but usually he is found roaming the yard grazing on grass or changing people's lives through EAL.


16 Years Old

Off-the-Track Thoroughbred Mare

Amber has blessed us with her presence and won over everyone's hearts! She is an amazing girl all around, we can't find any flaws with this girl! We will miss her lots when she goes to spend many years with a very lucky little girl. In the meantime Amber is building confidence in our lesson students and winning over the hearts of everyone she meets!


2 Years Old

Paint Mare

Oh Henley! ... Sweet, evil Henley! This young girl has an attitude problem! We are hoping this is just the equivalent of toddlers terrible twos and she out grows it! As we wait out her not so desirable attitude to adjust, Henley will be grounded at home and have to miss out on all the fun! Hopefully in the future this gorgeous girl will be able to join the EAL team.


6 Years Old

Quarter Horse Mare

Tequila is a flashy red roan mare who is a bit different of a character! Like most women, she is a bit moody and famous for giving everyone the cold shoulder. Tequila is not cut out as an EAL horse but we are hoping with extra training and more time she will come around and join the team. As we patiently wait for that day to come she will work towards becoming a roping horse.


20 Years Old

Miniature Donkey

Icecream joined our herd a few years ago.  She is known for roaming around the yard and getting all up in your face for love and attention.   Icecream is one of our favorite donkeys to use in EAL programs because she has no problems letting her team know they must work together to get results.

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