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Youth Apprenticeship Program for young adults ages 14-19 years 

Gain life skills and work experience in a ranch setting!

Apprentices will be introduced to:

● Horse care and animal husbandry

● Ranch chores

● Saddling & grooming horses

● Basic veterinary care

● Ranch management

● Basic landscaping and grounds upkeep

● Customer service

● Riding lessons and horsemanship

And much more!



Lucky Break Ranch Junior Ranch Hand Apprenticeship Program is a 3 phase program that offers young adults the opportunity to expand on crucial life skills in order to prepare them for the working world, particularly the ranch setting. These skills include:

  • Responsibility 

  • Time Management 

  • Teamwork 

  • Leadership 

  • Communication 

  • Problem Solving 

  • Confidence


Once participants successfully complete the initial mandatory 7-day session, they can then apply to enter into the second phase of the program, a 14 day apprenticeship period with flexible pickup and drop off times that fits their schedule.  The third phase is all about work experience and building skills to add to the apprentice's resume which can lead to the possibility of paid employment if/when a position opens up.


Apprentices are introduced to:

● The foundations of horse care and animal husbandry

● Ranch chores

● Saddling & grooming horses

● Basic veterinary care

● Ranch management

● Basic landscaping and grounds upkeep

● Customer service

● Riding lessons and horsemanship

  • Handling and basic training of horses




Completion of three weeks of apprenticeship results in a Certificate of Completion, Letter of Recommendation from Lucky Break Ranch, and opportunity to continue building on work experience and become a VIP hand with added benefits to continue to build on their resume, as well as first priority in hiring at Lucky Break Ranch for future open positions as Ranch Hand. 


The ranch operates year-round, as our horses need to be fed and cared for on a daily basis, 365 days a year. There are opportunities for work in winter as well as during the busy summer season.

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Real life experience and one of kind training to add to youths resume.  Traveling opportunities to different events.  Opportunities for employment upon successful completion of program.

Riding Lessons with Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Certified Riding Instructor.  Opportunity to join in on trail rides and arena rides at no cost if space is available.  

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Hands on Horsemanship focusing on safety, care and control of the horse, and husbandry of various farm animals.

Itinerary & Schedule


Orientation Week (7 consecutive days): Apprentices will shadow staff for the first week, learning everything about feeding horses, barn chores, grooming, tacking up horses, landscape care, handling various livestock, client care and much more!


Apprentices will spend time in the saddle and, once they have demonstrated the necessary ability, they will qualify to join guided trail rides.


Tentative Schedule for 7-Day Orientation Week


Day 1

● Introduction and Tour of Ranch Property

● Meet the Herd

● “I do, We do, You do” Chores

● Horse Grooming and Tacking

● Riding Lesson


Day 2

● Learn about Individualized Feeding Schedules

● Types of Feed and Benefits of Feeding

● Rotating Horses on Pastures

● Riding Lesson


Day 3

● Tack Maintenance and Cleaning

● Barn Management

● Pasture Management

● Riding Lesson


Day 4

● Daily Horse Wellness Check

● Assisting a Veterinarian or Farrier in Horse Care

● First Trail Ride! Yay!


Day 5

● Form Review 

● Assisting Clients

● EAL Expectations

● One Hour Trail Ride Route


Day 6

● Jackpot Set Up

● Special Events - fairs, parades, off site events

● Camp Talk

● Two Hour Trail Ride Route 1


Day 7

● Demonstrate Knowledge of Daily Chores

● Two Hour Trail Ride Route 2

● Orientation Week Graduation Ceremony!




Work Days (14 Additional Days): Apprentices will spend the majority of the first week working side by side with staff and begin completing duties independently as directed by the management.


These duties include feeding, cleaning, bringing in horses from the field, grooming, and landscape and maintenance work. 


After completion of 21 days, Apprentices receive a progress report.


Work Experience VIP Apprentice: Apprentice can apply for a volunteer position on the Ranch as they continue to build on their skills and add experience to their resume.  Successful candidates will be given more responsibility and will be given the opportunity to attend outside events when the opportunity arises! During this time, apprentices who are accepted into phase three will be able to bank volunteer hours to put towards extra riding time, possibility of on site horse lease,  or towards board for a horse of their own.  In the event a paid position opens up on the Ranch VIP Apprentices will receive first priority for the position.  


*Apprenticeship program will only accept a maximum of 6 youth. Advancement through the program is dependent on the applicant. 



Orientation Week: 7 Day slots - 9am-4pm

○ Orientation session dates for 2024 are:

Session #1 - April 21, 28, May 5, 26 , June 2,9, 23


Initially, Apprentices are required to sign up for one entire week (7 day set orientation dates) in order to complete the safety and procedure training necessary to become a functioning member of the Lucky Break Ranch team. Missing even one day can result in gaps in procedural knowledge detrimental to the youth’s and horses’ safety. For this reason, all Apprentices must complete the entire 7-day period. At the end of the first week, Apprentices will receive their Apprenticeship Time Log Packets with a signature from Ranch Manager certifying completion of Orientation Week.



Additional time: Sign up on a day-to-day basis to total fourteen (14) days as fits personal schedules

○ After initial 7 Day Orientation week is finished, Apprentices can apply for their additional 14 days from May 15 through September 30.  *weekends may be negotiable

Apprentices may sign-up on a day-to-day basis as fits their schedules. Time Log Packets must be brought each day and signed and dated by an approved staff member that the Apprentice worked with that day. Apprentices must complete fourteen (14) additional days to complete the entire three-week Apprentice Program and to be considered to advance to Phase Three of the apprenticeship


Cost of Attendance:

● Week 1: $500 per Apprentice for the entire orientation week (7 days)

● After Week 1: $50 per Apprentice per day, 14 days required


After Completion:

Apprentices who complete the three week (21 Days) program are known as Certified Ranch Helpers/VIP Apprentices. 


They may schedule days to come out and participate in any work on a volunteer basis to bank extra horse time, as well as get on “stand-by” lists to ride in the arena or join trail rides as scheduling and space allows (at no cost).


If openings for paid hire come available, these are the Apprentices that will take first priority in being considered for hire at Lucky Break Ranch.


If you are interested in registering for our Apprenticeship Program, please contact us at (306) 322-7710 or email at

Advance registration is required as spots are limited to a maximum of 6 Apprentices.



*please note this apprenticeship program is not a day camp.  This is an opportunity for participants to gain work experience and exposure to daily Ranch operations.  Lucky Break Ranch expects participants to treat this like a job and maintain their professionalism on and off the property as they are representing the Ranch and gaining skills they will be able to use in any future endeavors.  Participants conduct and work ethic will be taken into consideration and can result in added bonuses/benefits of being a Lucky Break Ranch Hand!  

Any inappropriate or illegal behavior will result in termination! 


WHAT TO BRING - Locker Space will be provided to each apprentice to store their property

  • Cowboy boots, boots with a heel or running shoes. NO SANDALS OR OPEN TOED SHOES.

  • Rubber Boots/Muck Boots

  • Jeans or long pants for riding. 

  • Dress for weather but modestly and nothing offensive

  • Extra Change of clothes - Participants will get dirty and stink

  • Water bottle.

  • Lunch

  • Bug Spray

  • Sunscreen

  • Time Log

  • Riding Helmet if you own one


2024 7 Day Session 
April 21, 28, May 5, 26 , June 2,9, 23 

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