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Arena Rental

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Arena Rental

Lucky Break Ranch is proud to offer our BRAND NEW Outdoor Riding Arena to our extended community. The facility will be available for rentals, jackpots, clinics as well as haul-ins.  This little piece of heaven is our newest heart project here at Lucky Break Ranch! We cant wait for you to come ride with us! Its a dream come true!



The large arena is 160’x 320’.  Built spring of 2021, the sandy dirt base has great drainage and is sheltered nicely by surrounding trees.  A 60' sand based round pen is located close by for your convenience as well.  Lots of space and arena poles/barrels for conditioning workouts, training or just a safe enclosed place to bring your horse to ride!

Drop In - $20.00/rider for 1st horse

                $10.00/rider for additional horses

* Contact Lucky Break Ranch prior to drop in to ensure the arena is not booked


Hourly Rental - $50.00

Day Rental - $325.00

(8 hours)

Private Rental - $600.00

(24 hours)

Stalls - $30.00/stall  day/night includes straw for bedding.  bring own water/feed bucket and feed.  $20.00 cleaning charge will be applied for messes left behind

Parking - Be sure to let Lucky Break Ranch know ahead of time how much parking will be needed.  Over night parking (no power, electricity, hook ups) is available with sufficient notice.

Building Rentals for special events


Classroom - $50.00/day

On Site Party Tent - $200.00/day

Horse Boarding

Lucky Break Ranch provides horse boarding services. We emphasize a peaceful, pleasant and safe boarding environment for your horse. All horse breeds are welcome for boarding at the Ranch. We welcome riders of all abilities.


We provide horses the ability to live happily and comfortably as nature intended - outdoors. 


The horses are personally attended to every day. They have easy access to water, feed and natural shelters. 


The horses have 24/7 access to hay. If supplements or grain is required, they are fed twice a day.  Provided by horse owner.


All the horses at Lucky Break Ranch are treated like members of the family.

Cowboy Items

Does Your Horse Have Special Needs

If your horse has special feed, turn-out, or care requirements, please contact us to discuss the particulars. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs.   

Extra fees may apply and board Rates may very depending on horses needs.


  • Lucky Break Ranch is open Year Round for horse Owners boarding their horses 

  • Horse Boarding rates include full use of our riding facilities.

  • Large outdoor riding arena.

  • Round pen.

  • Special Trail Ride Guide rate of $20.00 per hour (if required).

  • Water on site -  Heated in winter.

  • Blanketing, Exercising, Feeding, Special Care Service Available.**                                                                                                                                                   

  • Fences and gates are regularly checked and maintained. Corrals and Pens cleaned regularly

  • Well maintained area, mature trees, beautiful relaxed country setting                                                                                             

  • .Retirement boarding for your senior horses.

  • The Ranch owners and helpers live on site and have equipment to help feed large bales if needed.

Monthly Board 

$200/month - Horse Owner Provides Own Hay and Supplements

$450/month - Hay Included

EXTRAS*Depending on needs, prices may be negotiated into boarding contract

Can't Get Away to tend to your horse? No problem, we got you covered!

Blanketing Service 

- Morning/Evening blanketing 

$10/day on call basis


Special Feeding Routine

- extra grain/supplements/special hay fed twice a day to be provided by horse owner

$10/day on call basis


Exercising Horse

- 1 hour of exercise as per horse and owner needs


Worming, Farrier, Vet, Vaccinations, ect 

- Horse Owner Expense 

$$$ If done by Lucky Break Ranch it will be charged back to horse owner


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