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Our objectively driven team building program will give you irrefutable results and immediately and lead your team to SUCCESS!

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Tired of Boardroom meetings and long drawn out lectures telling you what you already know? That in order to have a profitable company you need strong leadership and effective teamwork?


Sure paint-ball's fun and all, but at the end of the day, are there long-term results gained? Here's a FUN & effective way to build your team up!

"This was so unexpected. I was skeptical to begin with, couldn’t think how this would be relevant to leadership. It is totally relevant."

Canadian Pacific Police Service



Reduce High Tailers

Create a team mindset. Your organization’s stability and growth depends on the people within it.

Raise The Bounty

Build skills that bring about the change your leaders and teams need to take your company to that next level of profits.

Teach The Old Dogs New Tricks

Don't lose the years of skills, experience and investment, as senior managers retire. Ensure the transfer of skills to your new executives by Bridging the Gap.

Win The Quick Draw

Ratchet up your employees critical skills at each leader-level and the participants will leave with increased competency, improved morale and a solid toolkit for success.

No More Duels

Provide a solid understanding of who is in your team and how to effectively work together.

Get On The Right Track

Establish that you have the right people in the right positions so that you are utilizing each employee to their full potential creating stability and increased productivity within your organization.


Our objectively driven team building program will give you irrefutable results and immediately and lead your team to SUCCESS! With our Team Building and Leadership Workshops, participants leave with a solid toolkit for success and improved moral which results in improved productivity, therefore increasing your profits!  

By using our horses as the teachers we level the playing field. The teacher does not care if you are the CEO or the janitor, if you are 18 years old or 80, or if your man or a woman. Through horse/human interaction our horses will reveal hidden dynamics of your team so that they can be effectively managed. The horse will give honest feedback as they look for strong leadership and mutual trust and respect. 

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The three main attributes of a successful employee are knowledge, skills and experience. Knowledge is memorized, experience is gained, but skills teach us to use the knowledge and experience! Through our interactive corporate development workshop, we give your employees the skills they need to help your company grow. By investing in your future leaders, your company can reap the rewards! We can help reduce turnover, increase productivity, communicate efficiently, increase top line sales, bridge the gap, enhance critical sales and boost company moral!

Our Team Building and Leadership Workshops are offered in half days or full days. Coffee, tea, beverages, snacks and a catered lunch are included.  Contact us to customize your Team Building or Leadership Program to match your company’s needs.

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