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The Perfect Gift For Horse Lovers

How many times have you been asked to get your child a pony for their Birthday?  Christmas?  How many times have you drove by a field of horses and you get the big puppy dog eyes, pleading to have a horse?  How many times have you had to break a heart because there is just no way you can possibly afford to buy a pony, nor do you have the room or time to tend to this pony?  

Crush Dreams No More!!  Lucky Break Ranch is here to make those dreams a reality!!

Our Adopt-A-Pony Program gives the reciepient the means to have the fun of "owning" a pony without the expense and stress of looking after it!  Cheaper than leasing a horse, and cheaper than boarding a horse and cheaper than owning a horse!  Plus no out of pocket expenses for the extra care!!!  How much more affordable can it get!  

Image by Lucie Hošová


summer riding camps for kids
horseback summer camps for kids

A Pony to Call your own

Animal Interaction with our furry and lovable critters - NO RIDING

Fresh Air, Confidence and smiles

The recipient can choose one of our loveable horses/ponies/donkeys that we have at Lucky Break Ranch.  They will receive a personalized certificate, and get to come out and visit their pony at the Ranch!  Visit our Meet The Team Page to pick out your pony! 

Adoption Fee:  $200 a month



  • Certificate

  • Ponies Information

  • Visiting Information

  • Access to secret website to stay in touch in with your pony between visits

  • Acknowledgement on our Website that you are the ponies adoptive parent

  • Four - One Hour scheduled visits a month to love, feed, pamper and groom your pony

  • Horsemanship Lessons

  • Riding is not included (extra charge - ask for details)

  • Ponies do not leave the Ranch

  • Approved treats may be brought for your pony

  • Helmets will be required to be around the horses (available to borrow - no extra cost)


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