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Has your child always wanted a pony or horse?

Do they ask you all the time for one, and you cringe as you have to break their heart by telling them no!

All you can think is ...

“We have no where to keep a pony, town won’t let us keep it in our backyard!” 

“Horses are expensive!”

“We don’t have time to take care of a horse! Our schedules are already crazy!”

“How long until the novelty wears off?  Will it be like the goldfish they just had to have? The same goldfish that I now have to take care of? ....oh 🤬 ... the GOLDFISH ... when’s the last time I fed it?!?!”

Well, get ready to watch your kids jump up and down and squeal in delight as you tell them the next time they ask “Yes, kids ... lets go pick your very own pony!”

Our Adopt-A-Pony program takes away the stress and expense of owning a horse…

No vet bills, no feed bills, no room & board bills, You get to give your child the thrill of being able to “own” and visit their horse, with no out-of-pocket expenses.

There are 50 beautiful horses/ponies to choose from, we like to call them our teachers.

Your child will receive: 

⁃A Personalized Lucky Break Ranch Certificate of Adoption   
⁃Their Horse’s Story
⁃(4) 1 Hour Long Scheduled Visits/Month to Love, Feed, Pamper and Groom Their Pony (Riding Is Not Included)
⁃Visiting Info
⁃Access to the Website to Stay in Touch With Pony Between Visits
⁃Acknowledgement on our Website as Their Pony’s Adoptive “Parent”
⁃Helmets Available at No Extra Cost

To make their dreams of having a horse come true, Send us a message through our Contact Form and we will send you all of the details!

Give your child a gift that will stay in their memories, fulfill their dreams and remain in their hearts forever, Give them the gift of a horse. 


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